Celebrating ventures and victories comes with events by eventoloG. From managing conferences and corporate events to putting up exhibitions, workshops, award nights and gala dinners, eventoloG aids and abets you to strategize and realize almost all such events and the kinds. We, at eventoloG contrive events to manifest your desired strategies to achieve your vision.

eventoloG organizes and manages events with capabilities to transform event into experiences and unforgettable moments that entertain, communicate and inspire. We encompass passion for creative visions, styling and theming to evoke inspiration and operationalize the event.

As an all-engaging events company, our expansive list of services includes event budgeting, management, production & marketing, photography & cinematography, travel, logistics, hospitality and catering. We are a flexible team of experts equipped with professional standards of vision setting, creative concept development and implementation. We provide on-site logistics, program scheduling and financial management, reflecting your style and achieving your objectives. We help you realize your idea innovatively and carve an event that communicates your objectives and desires. We are committed to transparent processes to tailor events that become the trendsetters in the industry.

Conference Management

eventoloG organizes full conference management for national and international associations. We understand our client's vision and deliver established conferences for genuinely inspiring experience. eventoloG’s experienced team tweaks ideas, adding vision and flair for avant-garde conferences. We are a flexible team of experts for all professional and consultative conference management services from vision setting and concept development to ensuring that every tiny detail is perfect on the final day for associations and corporations. We provide on-site requirements, financial management and post conference reporting, reflecting your style and achieving your objectives. We foster innovation and integrity to guide you through the planning process with highest standards of professional service in conference management.

We are committed to seamless service and transparent processes to help you develop a strategic vision and transforming it into a world-class experience.

Corporate Events Management

Events connect people, breed innovation, build communities, and spark change. eventoloG delivers recommendations in a clear, concise and neatly organized report with all of the pertinent details including availability, proximity to local transportation & restaurants, rates and concessions after intense research.We ensure that the money you spend on an event provides a tangible return to prove value and justify the events that compete with many other initiatives within your organization.eventoloG assists you in program building, product launches and training programs, delivering an event that exceeds expectations. Whether you need to organize exhibitions, awards nights & gala dinners or AGM & Board meetings, eventoloG possesses the event management expertise and business background to ensure your event is a success.

We provide a full range of services to deliver a wide variety of corporate events:

* Venue sourcing and negotiation

* Accommodation

* Schedule planning

* Travel logistics

* Website and Brochure designing

* Staffing management

* Hospitality and catering


eventoloG always brings an “element of surprise”. We do the design, set-up the location and invite the guests to deliver the most unforgettable experience to you. As a company, we are storytellers, curating each event thoughtfully to create moments that forge life long impressions. Our expertise include; public events, private dinners, birthday parties and unique and custom experiences.