eventoloG works for the moments you can’t put into words. We tastefully blend your wedding theme with exquisite details and pristine elements. We personify ‘your idea of a heaven’, shaping fantasy and bliss on your special day. We have all the advice, inspiration and execution for all the themes that you might want to color your wedding in. We design and personalize each triviality, ranging from invites, backdrop, furnishings, costumes, cuisine, music, ambience, take-aways and thank you notes with unique thought and subjective expression of the theme. We, at eventoloG fabricate your most cherished desires to concoct ‘a wedding like never before'!

Wedding planning packages

eventoloG Unabridged - Full wedding planning

You’re engaged! It’s an exciting time and it has been fun to announce the news and celebrate with your family and friends. Now comes the daunting task of planning the wedding day. Between work, school, family, friends, and life, it can be stressful to think about all the details involved in planning your wedding. Where do you even start and how are you going to juggle 200+ hours of wedding planning with everything else you have going on? Hiring a full service wedding planner is a must-have investment for the busy professional. Just like you would hire an architect and general contractor to design and build a new house, it is wise to hire a professional wedding planner to design, plan, and coordinate this huge celebration of marriage.

Your professional planner will be your go-to person for everything wedding related. From choosing the venue, creating a personalised style, managing the budget, hiring the best event professionals, choosing the invitations, creating detailed schedules, and managing all the logistics on the wedding day, your wedding planner will be with you every step of the way. You still get to participate as much as you want and make all the final decisions, but won’t have the stress of planning and managing all the details.

The eventoloG Unabridged package offers an eclectic mix of services and operations from conception to completion, managing and coordinating the entire wedding. eventoloG Unabridged is a package that plans, styles and coordinates the entire show, vividly organizing your most special day! Get in touch today to learn how Full Service Wedding Planning will allow you to enjoy the planning process, keep up with your regular commitments, and be confident you are making the best choices for your once-in-alifetime celebration!

eventoloG Amalgamate - Partial wedding planning

You are off to a good start on planning your wedding day! You have booked the perfect venue, have a general wedding budget, and maybe even booked a few of your event professionals already. Now what? You know there is so much more to planning this celebration, but you are worried about making a wrong decision or missing key deadlines. And how are you going to pull all of those Pinterest ideas together to create a cohesive look on your wedding day? Does this sound familiar? If so, hiring a professional wedding planner is the next logical step. Having an experienced professional on your side to give solid advice, make sensible vendor recommendations, give design advice and feedback, and make sure you are on track with the planning is a smart investment. You can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that you don’t have to figure it all out on your own.

Get in touch today to learn how Partial Wedding Planning can be the ideal choice so that you can enjoy the planning process and be confident you are making the best decisions for your once-in-a-lifetime celebration!

eventoloG Systematize - Wedding coordination services

The eventoloG Systematize package is tailor-made for couples that would want to plan their own wedding but would also seek a professional wedding planner who harmonizes each intricate detail of the wedding, executing it flawlessly. We look into set up supervision and coordination among others while working closely with on-site requirements. This package provides you perfect wedding day solutions by offering you experienced coordination.Starting two months before your wedding day, we will work with you to gather all of the planning details, review a detailed wedding checklist together, create timelines, attend a final meeting with you at the reception venue, and finalise timing and logistics with your team of event professionals. During the wedding weekend, we will coordinate your wedding rehearsal, and oversee all the details on the wedding day including timing, logistics, setup, decor placement.

We can’t wait to meet you and learn more about your wedding celebration!. Contact us today to check availability and schedule an initial consultation with a professional planner. You’ve handled the wedding planning, now let us handle the management and coordination so you can truly enjoy your wedding day!

eventoloG Add On Services

RSVP Management

Have your RSVP cards mailed directly to our office to save the hassle of keeping track of who is and who isn’t coming to the wedding, how many guests they are bringing, and what entree choices they have selected for dinner. Using your guest list, we will create and maintain a spreadsheet that is updated weekly with guest responses from your RSVP cards. Once the RSVP date has passed, we will give you a list of guests to contact who have not replied with their RSVP. Once you have the responses from those guests and share them with us, we will update the list with the final information and share with all relevant wedding professionals including the venue, rental company, and the caterer.

Guest Welcome Bags

Make your guests feel honoured and welcome by gifting them a welcome bag when they arrive at their hotel. Guest welcome bags can be simple with a few snacks, a local map, and a bottle of water, or they can be more upscale with personalised canvas bags that include wine, beer, gourmet treats, and a gift for the guest.

We would love to help procure the packaging and contents for your guest welcome bags. We can also deliver the bags to the local lodging locations where guests are staying.

Hourly Concierge Assistance

For those weeks when you need an extra hand with wedding-related tasks, we offer hourly concierge assistance. We can run errands, assist with crafts and DIY projects, and provide administrative help. Service is based on the availability of your planner and must be hired at least one week in advance. Round trip travel time for tasks is counted towards the concierge hours.